01. overview

About Us

We are professionally engaged in finances and trading,and have a large experience of the investment Industry.ETM is an investment business platform developed under the control of an experienced team of highly qualified financial experts and professional traders for private highly profitable online investments. We are very proud to state that our clientele base cuts across financial institutions, individuals, and several other corporate institutions. We are determined to provide the best service to our clients and deliver a very lucrative source of income to our investors.

Why Choose ETM ?

ETM is a Australian Based Registered Investment platform for regular Investors. Our experienced team of dedicated developers, traders and analysts who involved in crypto & Forex trading. You can make profit on a daily basis or after the end of investment period.

Easy To Use

ElectromCoin introduces much simpler & easier features.

Safe and Secure

Strong risk management project designed with users in mind, with best UI/UX practices. Enterprise-grade multi-factor security for digital assets.

Instant Account

Setup your accounts within seconds with ElectromCoin.com, just signup and get started earnings as per Electrom Affiliate program.

Crypto Trade

Cryptocurrency trading and lending is rapidly growing market throught world, and ElectromCoin is an exceptional opportunity of growth.


A decentralized ledger backbone and multiple security levels guarantee transparency and openness of Electrom at all stages.

Data Democracy

All sensitive data requests go through explicit & granular consent mechanism. Block chain Enforced Tamperproof & Hacker-proof.

Fully Automotive

Electrom Coin is fully automated platform. Take full advantage of our fast and secure web platform which is very easy and safe to use.

About Electromcoin

ElectromCoin is Ethereum block chain based cryptocurrency with totaly supply of 109 Million Electrom Coins. Contract Name is Electrom Coin & Contract Address: 0x3158efee9c9d47b77fd9141495f654e84895643f and Symbol for Electrom Coin Is ETM. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as etherscan.io, ethplorer.io etc. You can store it in My Ether Wallet, Meta Mask, Ethereum Block chain and all other erc20 supporting wallets.